In the process of recording my 3 EPs entitled “L3G2” a few things kept happening…
One –
I’d write down track lists in different notebooks that I’d intended on keeping with me to guide myself through selecting ideas and vignettes for the different EPs while recording.  I’d subsequently lose the notebook sometime before heading into the studio without realizing.
Two –
Once I was there in the studio I’d be ‘on the clock’ trying to remember what I’d written down for myself to accomplish…
Instead of retracing my steps which would have been a waste of time and money, I just said “Fuck It” and decided I’d record anything that came to mind and far exceeding my own limit of only recording 6 songs per EP, I ended up with something more like 8-10 things I recorded I could reasonably call a song, per session.  That’s not to mention the things I came up with while playing around with my phone at home.

Luckily I did finally find all said notebooks, but none in time for me to finish by my own deadline of 4/20/2015.

Once I trimmed the fat and decided what I was going to keep for the 18 songs I’d intended on having set to be my Legs EPs, I still had several unfinished things that I thought were good enough Ideas for something else.

So here’s three songs I probably wouldn’t have released otherwise If it hadn’t been for my forgetfulness and lack of commitment to my own musical process or my own ideas.  There are no rules.

So, this is  just another smaller 3 song EP by ME I hope you enjoy.



Cinema Sol Oriens Featuring James Harrar/Marshall Allen/Klimchak & ME

Over the weekend I had the supreme honor and pleasure to collaborate with some true visionaries and extraordinary people.
It came on rather short notice, but sure enough with only a week to plan I found myself Atlanta bound to play with Cinema Soloriens for two consecutive nights at the Mammal Gallery. You can read more about the show here.  I’ll also inevitably uploading more material as so much happened.  In three days we created an excellent experience that I’ll surely treasure the rest of my life.  The whole time we were all intrigued by each other, and our ability to meld so well.  It was like we’ve known each other for years and were so familiar with one another, but we’ve really only just met within the past 9 months or less.

Photos by Chris Beat
CS- photo by chris beatcs photo by chris beat11187324_10206542295935107_8778900118351362094_o11167663_10206542301895256_5305443530620580050_n11200582_10206542302015259_7941111737368943197_n11202956_10206542303975308_2330249262888771299_n11203606_10206542302655275_6867008880752405438_o11053288_10206542307135387_8408411704730611427_o10450295_10206542307935407_2977221108767598062_o-11554493_10206542299695201_397198083808570857_n11064821_10206542300455220_2812659780403948763_o

Photos by Deborah Sanchez
ME - deborah sanchez ME by deborah sanchez

Smells Like A Child Of ’89

What can I say?
Nirvana holds a soft spot in my heart for middle school angst and stuff like any other person close to my age.  However, I was not of age to really even “get” any of the material to its fullest extent other than in retrospect.  By the time I was introduced to “Nevermind” the band had come and gone and had already been blurred into MTV and international pop culture.  Still the baby penis on the cover was probably the most impactful image I had seen to date on an album cover.  I mean, other than me spanking it to the cover of “Enema of the State” numerous times-  Blink was my top jam at that point in my life- right next to Metallica. (Sorry)

How many times you cringed during that paragraph might place you on a spectrum of what year you were born, and how much you hate (or Love) Nirvana.

For me, I take everything I ever l enjoy with a grain of salt.
Which Is why I particularly like this version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Better than any other version I’ve ever heard… Ever.  Probably because we’ve all heard it so many damn times.  This time it’s actually refreshing:

ME: LEG2 Out today!

Click on the picture of the Legs to go my Bandcamp and listen to my newest EP.
It’s the second installment of my Project entitled “Legs”.  With the Intention of making 3 EPs – Each containing 6 songs that I’ve written/covered.
This one’s cool because I mixed it in the warehouse where Schooly D used to reside.
It’s also cool because two of the songs we made sure the running times would hit 2:40 & 4:20 exactly.
Because, you know, Weed!
Thanks to Evan Bernard from the band The Weaks, who are about to go on tour with Brand New.

Please enjoy.


Wow… This Record:

This is a limited 10″ that came out in April of 2011.  I’m sad inside that I have never listened to Javelin before.  But, I’m happy now that I know I can listen to them and be fulfilled with the joyous sounds of inspiration.
Whoopee-Kay-Yayo get along you little doggies!
Great stuff. The End.

Dreamies – Another installment of why Delaware doesn’t suck all that bad…


Every now and again on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll play this record.
The story behind it is really quite unique and charming. You can read all about it HERE.

It’s a beautiful collage of sounds and acoustic folk tunes, not unlike some Beatles or Harry Nilsson songs.  But, this particular record contains a different hue that the huge names mentioned before don’t quite evoke.  Maybe it’s the slightly less contrived lyrics, or the swirling synth sounds, or the rawer or generally more experimental sound and minimalism.
There’s an element of outsider art, that this record has that could only present itself in the strange way it does on this album.
Not to mention, that for it’s time it certainly pioneered some interesting home-recording techniques only accomplished today with much more advanced equipment.

A satisfying aural experience at it’s very least.  This record stands the test of time.  No one I’ve ever played it for has gone without asking: What is this? Who is this? What are they doing now? Is this new or old music? When was this recorded? Do they have more stuff? Is this the only album like this?

The answer to all of these questions is really simple and in that first link up top with an extensive interview with Bill Holt, the man who recorded this album in his shed.   But, some of the most endearing elements of this album are it’s ambiguity, and it’s a strange place in the timeline of US history and commercially available multi-track recording equipment.

To me, not knowing much about the album is almost as rewarding as going and digging to find the story behind its innocent genius.

Bill Holt still produces home made videos and music.  Check him out HERE.

And HE’s from Delaware.
Let’s not hold that against him…

Mp3 ghost music kind of sounds better than the original

“Beyond just creating a great new genre of ambient ghost music, the piece makes a few interesting points. First, these are real, actual sounds that your ear can easily hear. You don’t have to be some snobby audiophile asshole. The sounds are perceptible even through crappy MacBook Air speakers and earbuds. Hm.
Second, mp3 compression was released in the early ’90s, to serve purposes very specific to a time when storing and transferring data was expensive. It was a compromise in regards to how much can be stripped from a song without our ears recognizing the difference — and it worked really well.”

-From THIS article about THIS PhD student.